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Our Website

Our professional website showcases your property 24/7 giving maximum exposure from anywhere in the World.

Karwood have invested heavily in our own website. Mixing traditional marketing methods and up-to-date technology. Because of our ability to market our website your property will reach a wider audience. Our Property Search is optimised to be viewed on all platforms and devices available.

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Email Marketing

We have the facility to present your property to all our registered applicants with just one click through our email marketing tool.

Email Marketing is significantly faster than traditional mail and so fits perfectly with many peoples' daily lives. As soon as you instruct us to market your property an email campaign can be produced solely for your property letting customers know its available instantly. A massive time saver and creates many more viewings.

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Property Portals

Your property will be posted on the biggest property portals, optimising your market coverage massively.

Rightmove and Zoopla are the leading property portal websites. They list a wide range of houses, flats, new homes and retirement homes. There are over 1.5 billion internet searches carried out in the UK per month, Karwood have invested wisely to ensure our properties are prominently positioned when searches are made.

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Audio Tour

A high quality TV style advert, combining stunning photography, professional voiceover with video like moving images.

A fantastic visual way to showcase your property with professional commentary of your property. Video methods for marketing your home have provided massive results and increased viewings, all helping towards achieving the best possible price for you.

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Bespoke Brochures

We offer a versatile range of marketing brochures to suit your needs and your properties needs.

By creating appealing property brochures with bespoke editorial descriptions we are able to create the best possible response from our many registered buyers. Our proffessional photography also compliments the individual brochures.

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We use the latest camera technology and professional photography.

Karwood prides itself in offering properties to a unrivalled high standard therefore most of our properties benefit from professional photography. Our expert valuers are trained to take high quality photographs essential to illustrate your property to a high standard and make it stand out.

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Our Staff

Our staff are all local, friendly and professional. Meaning you get the service you require.

Karwood staff combine a first-class understanding of residential property whilst maintaning the highest standards of service for our clients. Our staff are the backbone of Karwood.

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Our Boards

Bright, fresh and above all noticeable. To get a sold one you need Karwood.

A very traditional way of Marketing but still very popular with customers. Boards still generate a high percentage of viewings and act as 24/7 salespeople outside your home. By meeting one of our expert valuers you can decide if having a board is right for you.

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Welcoming, warm and a great place to meet and discuss your requirements.

Modern and contemporary, the Karwood office is a friendly place to meet us to discuss any of your requirements. Karwood is situated on one of the busiest roads in Hayes and therefore offers potential to people passing by and stopping.

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SMS Text Alerts

Instruct us and a quick text is sent to all relevant applicants. A fast tool to generate a quick response.

Once you instruct us to sell your home we send out out a text message to alert the applicants that suit your propery criteria. A great way to start building the interest needed to secure the right buyer at the right price.

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Virtual View

Karwood offer "virtual View", an unparalleled level of marketing. Presenting your home in a truly dynamic way.

This style of marketing gives massive versatility in camera positioning where other cameras simply cannot go. No other filming system can take a seamless shot from the inside of a building and finish at 400ft (120 metres) above the ground. Karwood can provide their vendors with unique and exciting footage which will make their audience marvel at their home. The viewer can be made to feel as if they are actually flying through any property.

These videos are extremely dynamic. Not only can the camera be panning and tilting, at the same time the camera can also be moving sideways/forwards/backwards as well as climbing or descending, making for a very visually stimulating shot. Vendors have been using video for years to help sell their cars and other items, so why not use it to help market the most valuable item most people own? Still photographs and brochures don't even come close to the way we can portray a property in film. With ever changing angles and new perspectives constantly being revealed to the potential buyer, the full beauty of the property can be shown-off.

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Open House Event

An open house can be a far better way of providing vendors with a service that is simple and efficient. Karwood arrange and accompany 100% of the viewings which all take place on one day.

Our open house events can be incredibly convenient for our vendors but from our perspective it’s a far better use of our time, meaning we can be more proactive in making the event a success. We promote the open house for three to four weeks leading up to the event. That time is used by the vendor to get the property looking its best for the day of the open house. After the open house, buyers are then given the chance to submit a fully substantiated written offer within five working days. We aim to provide our vendors with multiple offers which gives them the choice of the one that best suits their circumstances. We find a written offer allows certain buyers to play to their strengths and gives everyone a fair chance.

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Karwood Home Report

Known as "The Karwood Home Report" this has been developed by the Karwood team to give potential purchasers all the information they need to know about a property and the surrounding area in one easy to read format.

Available in pdf format, Karwood believes the home report will help buyers get a clearer understanding of their future new home much earlier in the sales process, helping answer many common questions, instantly.

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